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  • ZLearning Videos

    Unlimited access to library of learning videos

  • ZActivation Community

    Access to activation community group in Facebook

  • ZVideo Q&A

    Asynchronous video Q&As and AMAs

  • ZStreaming Replays

    Replays of expert streaming sessions

  • PVideo Coaching

    Asynchronous video coaching with VideoAsk

  • PPersonal Scan

    Personal communication scan

  • PPersonal Report

    Personal full 8 lenses report

  • PPersonal Micro-Habit

    Personal customised Micro-Habit

  • P1 Coaching Session

    1 Online 120' one-on-one coaching session

Individual Micro-Habit

Know yourself to optimise your personal transformation and growth.


The Satellite Scan measures your current communication patterns and behaviours. It provides an accurate 360-degree view of your strengths as well as potential problem areas that could be developed. This online questionnaire includes an analysis of your communication through 8 "lenses" to ensure that your communication is measured holistically from multiple angles. The Satellite Scan is followed by a one-on-one coaching session to review the results with a personalised report and co-creation of a Micro-Habit adapted to your current needs.

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  • You want to use a Micro-Habit but you’re not sure where to start or how to create one.
  • You are not sure which element from the periodic table of conscious communication to focus your learning and growth on.
  • You need concrete suggestions of how to change your role or behaviours.
  • You want to measure how you have changed behaviours over time.
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  • Access to the data from the Satellite Scan, a 45-60 min online questionnaire.
  • Analysis of the Scan in a 120 min 1on1 coaching session a coach with a visual report dashboard.
  • Co-creation of a personalised Micro-Habit based on the scan data and the Periodic Table of Conscious Communication for your self-development and growth. 
  • A follow-up email with a summary of the Micro-Habit and how to activate it. 
  • Access to all learning videos with customised guidance of which videos to watch in priority. 
  • Unlimited access to online activation community. 
  • Access to Asynchronous expert video coaching with Q&A in HiHo.
  • Custom email notification when Green Elephant is streaming about the elements talked about in the coaching session. 
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  • Reliable internet access is required.
  • Fluent English reading and speaking skills.
  • Self-awareness and self-honesty.
  • Price is per person scanned.
  • See pricing and refunds policy here.
  • Price includes VAT 24%.
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