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🚀 AI Micro-Habit Coaching™

Augmented Coaching No Shadows


Transform the way you interact with others and turn conflicts or tensions into creativity and trust.

Data-based AI coaching and mentoring is utilizing the results from your Satellite Scan. In this session, you’ll make quantum leaps on how shifts in your communication behaviours impact your interpersonal relationships by easy and sustainable micro-habit changes.


What people say...

Feedback from Finland: “We thought we knew the ego triggers in our organisation. We had no idea that our focuses were on the wrong topics! Now our cultural development is back on track."

Jukka - Chief Diversity Officer

Feedback from Finland: “With rigour, empathy and flexibility, Green Elephant has helped us use communication as a tool to work more effectively, build a more positive team culture for at-distance work and resolve challenges and tensions while staying in tune with the needs and values of our company and individually. Anu and Estève are excellent coaches who are open, frank and constructive at all times, working to bring out the best in you. And they do it in a pragmatic, action-oriented way. We look forward to working more with Green Elephant in the future.

Urs Riggenbach, CEO and Co-Founder - Eva Wissenz, Managing Director, Founder and Chair of the Board - Solar Fire Concentration Oy

Feedback from France: "I found myself in an endless cycle of vain conflicts, yet I had no idea why. With the Scan, I saw how I was unintentionally creating and fuelling the dysfunctional conflict around me. The Scan showed me that by doing certain things, I could de-escalate and even avoid some conflicts all together."

Rachel - HR Director

Feedback from UK: "I had no idea that we could have access to so much useful data! Now we have objective information to determine employee success potential. We should do the Satellite Scan with all leaders and supervisors for customised support and learning needs."

Ann - Head of HR and Recruiting

Feedback from Switzerland: “For a long time I felt stuck with my personal development. It's hard to improve yourself when you don't have glue where to start. The Scan helped me to have a clear overview of my behaviours, good and bad. This allowed me to build new routines designed specifically for my verified needs."


Mary - UN SDGs Implementation Consultant

Feedback from Germany: "Prioritising everyone and everything before myself has been a harmful pattern for me. After taking the Satellite Scan, I noticed that I struggled to set healthy boundaries of respect. Suddenly the dots connected together like pieces from some grand puzzle!"


Thomas - Training & Learning Manager



These data-enriched coaching sessions have been reported by others to solve the following problems and bring benefits such as:

Boost Emotional Intelligence

Clarify Boundaries

Solve Problems Collectively

Turn Conflicts Into Trust

Prevent Unnecessary Drama

Create Healthy Habits

Balance Empathy With Self-Respect

Identify Critical


From Ego


Insights & Advice from Satellite Scan™


Before your coaching session, there will be an AI-powered communication scan that evaluates how you currently communicate. This scan will give you a detailed picture of your communication behaviours. During the 90-120 minute 1on1 Zoom session, you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the insights and advice provided by the Satellite Scan™.


Personalised Habits for Sustainable Change 🏋️‍♀️

Transform your communication behaviours with personalised micro-habits tailored to your specific needs crafted together with an experienced coach.


Learn New Communication Skills with Personalised Video Coaching 🍿

Activate your new communication micro-habits with a personalised choice of easy video learning hand-picked from our YouTube channel, designed to help you achieve your communication goals.

Build Habits into Your Calendar for Better Results 🗓️

Your new micro-habits and learning videos are added into your calendar with instructions built-in.

Stay on Track with Habit Reminders and Push Notifications 🔔

Receive reminders and push notifications for your new micro-habits and personalised learning journey.

Get Personalised Coaching Support with Audio Messages 📱

Get ongoing personalised coaching support with audio message coaching follow-up in Telegram or WhatsApp.






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  • You have used the Satellite Scan™ 🛰️ AI-Powered Habit Generator and would like some coaching on creating and activating your micro-habits
  • You are committed to upgrading your communication skills & behaviours. 
  • You are ready to take responsibility for your role in the internal & external conflicts in your life.
  • You want to boost your interpersonal relationships with collective &  emotional intelligence.
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  • You will have a high-impact coaching session with a Green Elephant coach in English, Finnish or French. 90-120 min 
  • The coach will help you create a micro-habit that is tailored to your specific needs. 
  • You will also have access to unlimited resources on Green Elephant’s website, including tools and learning materials.
  • You will receive calendar activations with learning materials that are related to your Micro-Habit.
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  • You need a reliable internet connection to join the Zoom session.
  • You need to be able to read and speak English fluently. 
  • If you have done a satellite scan before, that is helpful. But if not, don’t worry, we will still help you. 
  • See pricing and refunds policy here.
  • Price includes VAT 24%.