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Micro-Habit Coaching™

Transform yourself and the way you interact with others.


Data-based coaching and mentoring is utilizing the results from your Satellite Scan. In this session, you’ll make quantum leaps on how shifts in your communication behaviours impact your interpersonal relationships by micro-habit changes.

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  • You are committed to rapidly upgrading your communication skills and behaviours. 
  • You are choosing to take responsibility for your communication in any role.
  • You want to master any of the GreenBlueRed™ conscious communication elements.
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  • A 90-120 min 1on1  online coaching session with Green Elephant coach in English, Finnish or French.
  • Suggestions for micro-habit changes from The Periodic Table of Conscious Communication.
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  • Reliable internet access is required.
  • Fluent English reading and speaking skills.
  • Fluent English reading and speaking skills.
  • A prior individual, team or organisational satellite Scan is required to be done prior to the Micro-Habit coaching session.
  • See pricing and refunds policy here.
  • Price includes VAT 24%.