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Green Elephant is live streaming for expert communicators in multiple channels simultaneously. Follow us in your favourite social media channels to get notified when we go live and ask your questions.


Stay ahead of the curve and book your own engaging keynotes, covering the latest trends and best practices in communication, leadership, and team dynamics, for example:

📣 Conscious Communication - A formula for influence communication that inspires action and promotes cooperation and decision-making.

💭 The Power of Empathy - How to use empathy as a builder of trust, DEI and connection.

🌍 DEI Cultural Sensitivity - Turn bias into understanding and trust.

🔥 Conflict Transformation - Turn dysfunctional conflicts into creative problem solving and innovation.

🤝 Unlocking the Power of Collective Intelligence: Master Chaordic Process Roles to Achieve Perfect Cooperation!

📈 Growth Power from Feedback - How to give & receive conscious feedback.

💬 Flow in communication and teamwork.

🙅‍♀️ How to Tame the Ego - Ego as a supporter and enabler of personal growth.


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