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Estève Pannetier currently talks about the following topics: 


🤖 When is using AI counter productive and working against our human nature?

💭 The Power of Empathy - How to use AI to help empathy as a builder of trust, DEI and connection?

🌍 DEI Cultural Sensitivity - The opportunities of using hidden bias to increase trust.

🔥 Conflict Transformation - Turn dysfunctional conflicts into creative problem solving and innovation.

🤝 Unlocking the Power of Collective Intelligence: Master Chaordic Process Roles to Achieve Perfect Cooperation!

📈 Increasing performance via healthy feedback - How to give & receive conscious feedback.

💬 Using AI to hack into individual and collective Flow in communication and teamwork.

🙅‍♀️ How to Tame the Ego - Ego as a supporter and enabler of personal growth.




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