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Whatever your field of work, communication is essential. We all need to talk – and Green Elephant can help make communication your superpower.

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We live in an age where we can talk to someone on the other side of the world as easily as if they were sitting next to us – yet we still regularly experience conflict, manipulation and misunderstandings. There are multiple global challenges which we now need to face together. This brings a sense of urgency for us all to transform the way we communicate and relate with each other.



What would it mean for you and your organisation if communication would be your super-power? It would bring more empathy, clarity and collective intelligence. Learning and practicing the Art of Conscious Communication brings the following benefits:

Reduce stress and increase productivity

Build confidence and motivation 

Increase trust, inclusion and collaboration between people even with diverse work cultures

Have meaningful and crucial conversations across any human divide

Manage conflicts effectively and increase empathy

Lead and influence respectfully and without manipulation

social utopia

Green Elephant was founded on the belief that a better future can only be achieved through better communication. Our goal is to help bring about a positive social shift and spark a global movement to reveal the best of human nature through a culture of empathy and respect.

What would you do with this superpower?

To do this we need to upgrade the quality of our exchanges, to make our communication more effective and respectful. We believe this can be achieved by empowering driven individuals with the right tools and techniques, which they can use to benefit from the collective intelligence of their communities. Our practices are based on the GreenBlueRed® framework and designed to enable meaningful conversations, both online and face-to-face.


the first step – learn the theory in a free app

This free and personalised learning app is designed to spread the current research learnings about this topic to the widest number of “Global Citizens” who are working to enable Humanity to grow, thrive and co-evolve in more sustainable relationships.

While conscious communication can benefit everyone, it will probably most resonate with TEAL organisations and those that embrace philosophies such as Agile, Lean and Sociocracy 3.0. If you’re interested in cultivating a growth mindset in your company and want to make a change towards self-organisation, this is for you.

The simple efficacy of this training is ingenious. If more people watched these videos, the world would be a more peaceful place.

Bose Agbe-Davies

Founder, Consilium Peace

the second step

turn theory into practice

Green Elephant offers a blended learning journey to teach individuals, teams and organisations a new “universal” language which consists of 56 carefully defined words to describe, analyse and improve the way we communicate. This will allow collective intelligence to play out even across gender, age, expertise, cultural and other divides between people.

As a consultant, this online theory with the corporate Jedi learning Journey was the most inspiring and useful training I have ever attended. I could apply some of the techniques the next day and I could immediately measure its impact with my colleagues and clients. Marcio Soriano

Design Lead, McKinsey & Co.


As an individual, you can buy individual tickets to bootcamps.

As an organisation you can book a custom-designed bootcamp or the whole journey for a team of up to 30 people.


Pre-evaluation questionnaire to customise learning.


Access to a virtual classroom and online coaching. 

Green Bootcamp

Two-day interactive workshop practising teamwork, trust and empathy.

Blue Bootcamp

Two-day workshop focused on how to get your message across in a more influential and impactful way.

Red Bootcamp

Three-day workshops with different themes to choose from: Conflicts, Leadership, Sales and Project Management.


Automated activation exercises with access to one-on-one coaching and impact evaluation.

E-learning with infographic summaries

All the theory is explained in a series of e-learning videos which are designed to be viewed before practicing in face to face training or in your daily life. Each video comes with a printable summary infographic.

Topics Covered


If you are an HR manager or part of the Leadership team working towards a cultural change in your organisation, you are well aware of the importance of measuring the financial costs vs. benefits of learning and behaviour changes. Green Elephant’s cultural transformation learning journey’s have shown that you can expect an increase in productivity, a reduction in staff costs and an increase in profit. If you are interested in a cash-flow impact analysis of the financial benefits of training in your organisation, please get in touch with us. 


Staff Productivity Increase


Staff Cost Reduction


Profit Increase

According to our analysis, investments in staff’s communication skills will radically affect the cash flow of the company. Even the most conservative estimates show that training will increase staff productivity by at least 2% and reduce staff costs by -3%. These will make significant changes in cash flow. Based on numbers and research, we can confidently say the ROI in upgrading staff communication skills will be multiplied or turn tenfold – annually.

Riku Lehtinen

Founding Partner, Strategic Accounting

What are you measuring?

  • Cost of Employee Churn (attrition/turn-over)
  • eNPS Employee Engagement
  • Meeting Duration, Frequency & Efficacy
  • Proportion of sick leave due to Lack of Motivation
  • Direct & Indirect Project Delay Costs
  • Emails Delivered, Read and Click Through Rates
  • Percentage of work time spent in meetings
  • Leadership’s level of Engagement in learning
  • Group Flow (Motivation x Challenge x Competence)

Many organisations are only measuring the most visible and obvious costs of learning such as the “opportunity costs” (cost of having a person in a training) without comparing these numbers to the multiple hidden costs of mis-communication, cultural friction and conflicts. These are some of the most common measures that organisations we work with turn into KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). 

Green Elephant’s communication workshops have been the core of our acceleration programs for founders and CEO’s to build and lead high performing teams and shine on stage when pitching. These skills are crucial for any startup company, and especially when they are working with Social Impact. Anna Dementyeva

Program Manager, xEdu Startup Accelerator

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We each bring a different professional background and experience to our multi-disciplinary team of people specialists, with deeply shared values and the same overarching common goal: to upgrade humanity.

We are Green Elephant.



The Creator

A historical sociologist and creator of the GreenBlueRed® framework, Theo believes wars could be avoided if we had more meaningful conversations.


The Admin

An organisational superhero, Mari makes sure the practical stuff is always in hand, while recognising the different needs of different people.


The Therapist

A clinical psychologist and trainer, Jonas ensures a rigorous academic background to our approach, making sure the science is spot on.


The Coach

A powerfully driven event designer and communication coach – not to mention our CEO – Anu keeps us on track with femininity, strength and determination.


The Anthropologist

An inspirational design anthropologist and coach, Estève founded Green Elephant and continues to drive the movement with his creative energy and burning ambition.


The Actress

A star performer with bags of empathy, Elina takes her understanding of people and uses it to deliver performances that showcase all walks of humanity.


The Designer

A human-centred designer who helps make our content beautifully clear, Vivien was responsible for aligning our UX and UI with the GreenBlueRed® framework.


The Journalist

A social-media expert who brings our pioneers together with #hashtags, meaningful communication and purposeful digital dialogue, Oles hosts our social media community.

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