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Couple Coaching

Find infinite ways to connect with your partner.


This private coaching session is for modern couples who want to cultivate trust, intimacy, and quality of connection over time. In this session, you’ll get a designed relationship ritual that allows you to explore the 8 types of love from friendship to passion. Discover what you really want and how to communicate it to your partner to support your personal development and growth.

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  • You want a more playful, harmonious and meaningful connection with your partner.
  • You are both willing to talk about helping each other’s personal development with conscious feedback.
  • You are curious about exploring together how your Ego and Dynamics lens affect your flow.
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  • Access to the online Relationship Scan for all parties.
  • Access to The Moody Genie relationship game.
  • A 90-120 min 2on2 online coaching session with Green Elephant coaches to unlock new connection topics and explore uncharted types of love.
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  • Reliable internet access is required.
  • Aim to be in a conscious relationship.
  • Relationship Scan is required prior to the session.
  • Fluent English skills are required.
  • Price is per couple.
  • See pricing and refunds policy here.
  • Price includes VAT 24%.