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  • ZThe Periodic Table Library

    Unlimited access to an online library of learning videos, blogs, audio and streaming replays.

  • ZYouTube Learning Academy

    Micro-Habits examples explained for you to test

  • ZLinkedIn Social Research

    Access to an activation community group in Facebook

  • ZFacebook Community Cafe

    Invitations to expert streaming sessions on elements and lenses from the Periodic Table

  • ZTwitch Holodeck Classroom

    Asynchronous video Q&As and AMAs in HiHo

  • PInstagram Captains Log

Micro-Habit Social Activation

Boost your personal growth, and become a better version of yourself!


Join a global group of optimistic, pragmatic and future-oriented conscious communicators who value connection and communication like you. The sequence of emails guides you through Green Elephant's free online content to keep your Micro-Habit active. This is everything you need to meet, connect and communicate with like-minded people. After this tour, you'll have:

  • Access to up-to-date learning videos in Green Elephant's Learning Library.
  • Meaningful conversations with people who have been in Green Elephant training workshops and coaching sessions.
  • Opportunity to take part in ongoing co-creative social research and gain insight from them.
  • An online community to support your behaviour change.
  • Motivation boosts and more profound understanding from the live streaming sessions. 
  • Peeks behind the scenes of Green Elephant's mother ship.

Get inspired or entertained - up to you.

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  • You want to use your Micro-Habit but you’re not sure where to start.
  • You want to understand and learn about the elements in your Micro-Habit.
  • You wish to activate your learnings and go deeper  into the matrix of Conscious Communication.
  • You like to cocreate or gain insights from up-to-date innovative solutions.
  • You want to stay motivated and inspired bringing the desires behaviour changes into your daily life.
  • You wish to see how these tools and techiques work in practise and behind the scenes.
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  • Six email activations to help you to keep your Micro-Habit alive.
  • Access to Green Elephants online library and it’s secrets.
  • Unlimited reviews of Green Elephant’s learning videos, recorded webinars and streams.
  • Summaries of insights from Green Elephant Social Reseach.
  • Membership to Green Elephants’ Facebook Alumni Group.
  • Invitations to LiveStreaming session.
  • Inspiration from Instagram.
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  • Reliable internet access is required.
  • Fluent English reading and speaking skills.