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Advanced Communication Skills for Change Agents Around the World

Membership to the Conscious Communication Hub empowers change agents like you to reach your social impact ambitions by practising conscious communication. You will be equipped with micro-habits, mental models and training while meeting open-minded people from around the world. It’s easier to change the world together.
















Planet-Centric Member Events where Conscious Communication gets put into action















The Conscious Communication Hub is a global learning community to practise the Art of Conscious Communication. Daily inspiration, weekly Quests with monthly online practise sessions and webinars transform the way you communicate to reach the objectives you have set for yourself.  Be part of a community of global change agents, network with other practitioners of conscious communication who meet in online events, workshops and courses. As a member you have access to the world’s best communication methods, updated tools and unique online learning content.

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All behaviour changes require devotion and commitment. These cyclical events create a drum beat of practice sessions to turn impulsive reactions into chosen behaviours.

19.90€/m. includes:


A regular drum-beat of streaming replays to activate and motivate your personal growth with seasonal quests centered on the elements from the Periodic Table of Conscious Communication.

Quests & Activations

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These monthly webinars deep dive into the seasonal lens from the Periodic Table of Conscious Communication. Learn and network with other members from around the world.

Monthly Webinars

Interactive Webinars

Qualify to host quantum cells

Participate in courses to qualify as a Quantum Conversation Host. You learn to use different conversation protocols and run online Quantum Cell conversation groups for other members.

Qualify to Host Cells

Qualify to Host Quantum Cells

VIP Access to Bootcamps

The highlight of the year is a 3-5 day long Bootcamp in an exotic nature resort in Finnish Lapland or Archipelago. These all-inclusive face-to-face intensive programs are popular because they are transformative on many levels.

VIP Access Tickets

VIP Access to Bootcamps

Other Member Benefits

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Meet new friends to practice with

Membership unlocks access to all the cyclical events where you meet other pioneers of change.

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30% Discount on all coaching

Members get a 30% discount off all individual, group and relationship coaching sessions as well as all tickets to Bootcamps and other online events.


Easy to follow protocols & guidelines 

Unlimited access to an updated library of communication protocols and guidelines for Quantum Conversations.

Members only Quantum Cells

Participate in members-only quantum cells

Opportunities to participate in Quantum Cells which are self-organised conscious conversation groups hosted by qualified Hub members.

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Unlimited downloads, prints & replays

A library of self-transformation resources from webinars, streaming, infographic summaries and conversation protocols become available in the members-only part of the website. 


“I thought I needed presentation skills. This coaching journey was so much more than I had ever even dreamed of! Being supported to understand and change my communication behaviours transformed all of my communication situations - even presentations!”

Jenna - Development and Finance Manager

"Being isolated from my partner for over 8 months, practising conscious communication remotely brought new thrills to our relationship."

Rachel - Reiki Healer

“I never knew conversations could be so transformational!”

Audrey - Leadership Transformation Coach

"My boss was so impressed with the conversation that I hosted last week that she asked me to organise our online team building!”

Jason - Head of R&D


30% Discount on all coaching

Early-bird members get a 30% discount off all individual, group and relationship coaching sessions as well as all tickets to Bootcamps and other online events.

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